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About thefuturestory

thefuturestory is where we share our knowledge about major trends, issues and challenges affecting business communications. Covering globalisation, technology, customer choice, employee values, reputation and more, thefuturestory tackles the topics that are changing the way we do business and shaping the world we live in.

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Take a look at our past events:

15.10.14 – thefuturestory – The Power of One

‘Putting people at the heart of your engagement strategy’ was the aim of this event. With current and future trends still firmly in our minds, we wanted to go back to basics, and so this event put individual power and personality centre stage.

08.05.14 – thefuturestory – Today 2014
At thefuturestory – Today 2014 we explored, through an expert panel discussion and in-depth conversations, how you can use data to create stories in a data driven world.

05.02.14 – What role for the employer brand?
The first thefuturestory event of 2014 explored issues and challenges surrounding the employer brand. Our panel of experts discussed how different organisations in the private, public and third sector are dealing with the challenge of the individual vs the company brand.

06.11.13 – Stand out from the crowd
This evening event focused on how brands can create captivating stories to cut through a crowded marketplace, with speaker, Ed Watson – PR Director at Debenhams.

02.07.13 – Wiring the workplace for women
The evening was led by Christina Fee, who has worked with the leaders of some of the world’s most challenging companies such as easyJet, the BBC and eBay. Christina set out the context of change in the gender balance in the workplace and then explored how action can be taken to embrace the future of work.

30.04.13 – thefuturestory – Today
Our inaugural event featured a keynote speech from Associate Editor at Wired, Olivia Solon, and further discussions lead by experts in the fields of Big Data, Social Business and Internal Communications.