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Our last event: The 100 - Year Career

Thursday 8th October at the RADA Studios, London.

The very thought of a longer working life may make your hair stand on end, but as we all have greater expectations for a longer, healthier life, a 50-year career is increasingly going to be found wanting. For a whole host of reasons, such as health, economic necessity and lifestyle aspirations, retirement is becoming an outdated concept. In the UK, over 50s already form 27% of the current workforce. By 2020 it will be a third. And while we’re mulling over that, more than half of the babies born in the West today have a life expectancy of over 100 years, making a new generation of people who will need to develop completely new long-term strategies for survival.

thefuturestory ‘The 100-Year Career’ event will dive into latest inter-generational concepts and how to achieve a different type of work-life balance. The event will include inspirational and motivational speakers with a practical break-out session to apply their thinking to your professional and personal lives. 

Key topics covered:

  • What does a work-life balance really mean and can it impact employee engagement? 
  • How best to manage a multi-generational workforce 
  • Fulfilling your bucket list one step at a time 
  • How to plan for a longer and more fulfilling future personally and professionally

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