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The Anaphylaxis Campaign. #TakeTheKit 

The Anaphylaxis Campaign needed our help to promote the launch of a new, hard-hitting film called #TakeTheKit, which aimed to raise awareness of the importance of carrying an Auto-Adrenaline Injector if you have severe allergies.

They also wanted to increase their members, donations to the charity and visitors to their site, expanding their social footprint and gaining measurable results from each of the channels they had chosen to use.

We created a beautiful and simple microsite to host the film. This site also linked back to the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s actual website where visitors could read the background about the charity, get involved and pledge their support.

We produced four sets of digital adverts for Facebook and Twitter and two sets of print posters, held a half-day crisis PR management training session and provided press office cover on the day of the film’s launch. Post-launch, we also executed some guerrilla marketing; 46 chalk adverts were stencilled on pavements in 20 key locations around London that were exposed to high foot-fall and relevant to our target demographic.

On launch, the microsite attracted 8,444 unique visitors and 12,191 page views. On Facebook our digital adverts reached 22,778 people and produced 1,018 website clicks over 14 days. On Twitter, we achieved 293 tweets, reaching 5,088 accounts and had an exposure of 9,465 impressions, and we continue to support the Anaphylaxis Campaign.