Compelling messages are what enable brands and organisations to engage their internal and external audiences. Our storytelling workshop will enable you to achieve maximum impact with everything you communicate. It will show you how to connect at a personal level with your audience to make your messages more engaging, clear and memorable. Our approach is all about winning hearts and minds by turning information and data into brilliantly simple stories.



The workshop will look at the real-life challenges that you face every day, and help you solve them in style. Our tried and tested approach will quickly identify the storyline that will resonate strongest with your target audience. 


The workshop champions simple and engaging communications that shine out from dull corporate drone. We’ll help you throw off the shackles of business-speak and communicate as human beings. It’s easy, it’s natural, and it works.

Learning by doing

We turn our theory into your practice by inviting you to bring a current project to the workshop table. By the end of the four-hour workshop, you'll have identified crucial insights and inspirations for your project. 

Insights, tricks & tips

We'll help you make your storytelling clearer and more compelling by

  • understanding your audience
  • finding the story and telling it
  • identifying and delivering the right style and tone
  • choosing images that grab attention
  • writing headlines that make people read on
Great videos and general presentation – interesting, engaging and clear
— Previous attendee February 2016
I really liked the high level of participation involved which delivered an interactive training session
— Previous attendee February 2016
The fact that it was tailored to our own business solution was a very effective addition. Really enjoyed my time here today and my outlook has definitely changed beneficially.
— Previous attendee July 2015
Great interaction with the group. Everyone played a positive role in solving each other’s communication issue.
— Previous attendee July 2015


All professionals working in internal communications, marketing and HR across all industry sectors.


B1 Endeavour Place,
Coxbridge Business Park,
Alton Road, Farnham,
Surrey, GU10 5EH

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