We approach each new project with open minds and fresh ideas.


Our combined experience, creative approach and great project management bring it to life to ensure high engagement and long-term success. Our consultancy services help identify exactly what it is you need to do and the best way to do it. We then develop creative and practical solutions and deliver them for maximum impact. Some companies call this design thinking. We call it teamwork. We have proven track records across various business sectors, but we can apply our combined expertise and talent anywhere.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, becoming an extension of their teams, enabling us to understand their culture and how their business works.



We identify exactly what you need and the best way to achieve your goals. Some companies call this design thinking. We call it teamwork. Whether it’s a communications audit, planning or strategy, we will deliver practical and fully-costed solutions that work for you and your workforce.

Employer Brand and EVP

Is your work culture really reflected in your employer brand? We will help you find out and work with you to build your EVP. Key to grounding your employer brand and EVP in everyday reality is getting your employees to help tell your company’s story.

Employee Engagement

How can you keep your employees engaged? Whether it’s a one-off campaign or a long-term engagement strategy, we apply fresh ideas and fun to ensure your employees are proud advocates of your business.

Change Management

We love change. Not many people do. But we do. Working with leadership teams, corporate communications and HR, we will help make your business better, with the least disruption possible.

Leadership Vision and Strategy

We work at the highest level with senior stakeholders to develop and communicate new visions and strategies. Combining strategic thinking with targeted messaging and brilliant storytelling ensures employees can relate your strategy and vision to their everyday work.

Reward and Recognition

Two little words: “Thank you.” Wow, they can make such a difference. Clever reward and recognition makes a BIG difference to retention, productivity and wellbeing. Whether it’s a new digital tool, a refreshed awards event or a simple workplace gesture, we’ll ensure many more thank you’s across your business.

The PRIDE Model

We’ve developed our own shiny new approach to building employee engagement and high performance in the workplace. Developed by Sheila Parry, Founder of theblueballroom, it aims to make work better for everyone.


From storytelling workshops for leaders to developing strategic narratives for global companies, we love to paint a picture with our words. We will work hard to understand your tone and your voice and add magic to the work we do.

Event Management – the Delegate Experience

We love working on events and we’re particularly great at managing the delegate experience. We create all the comms to deliver an amazing experience before, during and after a live event. First we work with you to build the theme, and then we support on keynote speeches, provide collateral, plan and deliver workshops; and much more.

From our clients

“Working with theblueballroom is never a challenge. The work we do together is challenging but working with the tbbr team is easy.” — Friedrich-Georg Lischke, General Manager, Mars Drinks

“Thank you for your hard work, the videos are excellent and a great showcase for the work we do. Our team was visibly moved by the videos.” — Guy Pink, HR Director, Addaction

“The passion and energy from tbbr has been outstanding. You consistently go the extra mile to support us and your hearts are clearly invested.” — Carly Nankin, Head of People Communications, Cathay Pacific

“Working with tbbr is everything a client-supplier relationship should be. They’re enthusiastic, friendly, but they have their feet on the ground and listen.” — Dean Capon, Corporate Affairs Manager, Roche

We are an intelligent communications agency, inspiring better business across the world.