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RENTOKIL INITIAL. strategic narrative and messaging

Rentokil Initial’s Europe division needed to communicate its interlocking divisional, regional and country strategies to ensure a shared understanding across the division’s management and to enable managers to cascade key strategic messages to their teams. 

We interviewed 14 senior executives to explore perspectives at a region and a function level towards the division’s 22 strategic initiatives and 47 projects. We then wrote a single strategic narrative for senior managers attending the division’s new year kick-off conference. In addition to the narrative, which was set out in a printed brochure, we also created a credit-card-sized fold-out sheet which highlighted key strategic messages for onward cascade to delegates’ teams.

Following the divisional conference, shorter narratives were also developed for each region within the division and translated into the local language. Set out in small ‘brochures’, these narratives were distributed to managers at each region’s kick-off conference, with key messages being used by managers to brief their team.