Building PRIDE in your brand 

 The PRIDE model is built around the core belief that pride in the organisation and pride in one’s role drives business and personal performance. Each of the following key five factors can drive employee commitment, motivation and involvement which, in turn, will make companies more successful.



the deeper human or physical raison d’etre for the company. Something that is profoundly meaningful, proudly shared and readily discussed.


the ‘inner truth’ of the organisation, evidence of whether the reputation is demonstrated and felt in the day-to-day experience of its key stakeholders and reflected in its policies and practices.


the external image of the company, the way it is talked about and regarded, possibly the first thing that begins to affect employee motivation to connect.


where the company is going, its future focus, growth or development strategy and its path to reaching future goals. Your company direction can be a unifying force for your employees.


The physical and emotional wellbeing of your employees is fundamental to your business success. Business processes that support the people, their work ethic and their stamina will help sustain organisational health and performance.