Whether they are aged 16 or 60 people not only want to buy from a reputable company, they want to work for one too. Reputation creates desire, aspiration and excitement. In the employment market, it stirs up individual ambition to join in and commit more effort. In turn, employee performance and attitude can reinforce, enhance or impair the reputation of the brand. 

The relationship between company reputation and employee behaviour is integral to business success. Reputation is a key factor, often the first factor of influence in employee and prospective employee perception and engagement with a brand. A company’s reputation is built on many elements, including the behaviour of its employees, how they deliver the service, how they speak about the company’s products. Hence creating and maintaining a great reputation is at the heart of the PRIDE model.

IN OUR Consultancy APPROACH, we:

  • Explore the elements that drive reputation
  • Consider some of the challenges that can enhance or damage company reputation
  • Help companies establish a strong employer brand that complements a customer proposition
  • Learn from successful companies who are telling their story consistently
  • Identify ways to solve important recruitment and engagement problems
  • Encourage HR and Marketing to work more closely together to create and deliver a more cohesive brand story