Company purpose or meaning is gaining traction in business as a differentiating factor that will attract talent, customer- and investor-attention in competitive markets. While 21st century start-ups frequently put purpose at the heart of their business models, established brands have to dig deep into their company history and square that away with any restatement of their mission and values before communicating boldly to the outside world.

Defining and communicating a sense of purpose can gain a unique emotional and sustainable commitment from employees and strengthen relationships within business. When present and authentic, it can make the difference between average and high performance, acceptable and exceptional effort and satisfaction, and drive pride in the company’s core activity.

IN OUR Consultancy APPROACH, we:

  • Work with you to investigate the core purpose of your organisation
  • Gather supporting evidence and challenges from key stakeholders
  • Create mechanisms for closing gaps and raising awareness
  • Define and communicate company purpose, vision and values
  • Identify opportunity to increase engagement through a restatement of your purpose
  • Share success stories and promote ambassadors inside and outside the business
  • Increase external awareness of company purpose to feed into external and internal brand reputation