Nobody knows the integrity of your brand promise as well as your employees. Viewed from the inside, your brand is demonstrated in every policy and practice of the organisation, from your recruitment process through employee induction, management styles and behaviour, incentive and reward schemes right through to your internal communications systems. And once employees join the organisation, nothing that they experience should jar or conflict with your external brand reputation.  

Creating and communicating the inner truth of your organisation is at the heart of theblueballroom’s consultancy offer. We work with companies to identify their employee journey and test out how the real-life experience of their employees sits with the external brand. We help bridge the gap between expectation and reality through better communications and better behaviours, thus delivering a more fulfilling experience at work.

IN OUR Consultancy APPROACH, we:

  • Map out the employee journey and define key touch-points that influence the delivery of the brand promise
  • Discover what makes employees tick, how they feel about their jobs and how closely they are in line with the company’s ethos and values
  • Identify key influencers in the business, celebrate success and highlight best practice
  • Spread awareness of business case for employee engagement and develop practices and behaviours that drive employee performance
  • Create communications platforms and tools that reflect the needs of the business and employees 
  • Develop communications skills through individual bespoke coaching and team training programmes