Since 1930, the average life expectancy of a company in a mature market has dropped from 70 to 18 years, and with new businesses emerging as a result of disruptive technologies, it is falling all the time. Employees are also jumping from job to job more regularly with the average length of employment plummeting to 3 years in some sectors. At the same time, individual life expectancy and working life span are increasing, so a graduate employee entering the workplace in 2015 has the prospect of working for more than fifty years.

Companies that invest in the energy of their organisations and the wellbeing of their employees see tangible returns in terms of talent acquisition, performance and commitment yet it is still relatively new on the corporate agenda. As the working population becomes more self-reliant, more mobile and more demanding, nurturing individual and organisational energy is of increasingly high importance for companies as they compete for the best calibre of people and enable them to perform – for the long term.

IN OUR Consultancy APPROACH, we:

  • Benchmark clients’ current wellbeing strategies against industry best practice
  • Conduct wellbeing audits within the company and make recommendations for more cohesive approach
  • Introduce you and your management teams to leading experts in the fields of personal and professional stamina
  • In this arena, theblueballroom works with a range of expert partners in the fields of energy, operational health and safety, mindfulness and happiness