When employees have truly signed up to their jobs and begin to feel they fit a company culture, they look for the next step: where the company is going and how they can contribute. Gaining an employee’s commitment to the future is a key stage in changing the nature of your relationship from one that is based on employment to one that fosters engagement. Everyone wants to be fulfilled at work, they just don’t all get the chance.

Painting a picture with ambition for a healthy and sustainable future and articulating a clear strategy to get there are fundamental components to motivate employees. But providing a sense of direction is a multi-faceted responsibility and requires insight into your employee base. Leaders and their advisors need to understand the professional and personal ambitions of their employees, where they are ‘at’ in their lives as well as their careers, and consider how the stated direction of the organisation can align with their goals. 

IN OUR Consultancy APPROACH, we:

  • Deep-dive into the context of the business, or organisation, what is its business model and where it is in its own strategic development
  • Consider the demands that the strategy puts on an HR/People Strategy, in terms of recruitment, development, relocation, retention or loyalty schemes
  • Drive understanding of the company’s demographics, not only in terms of locations and numbers, but also in terms of the employees’ professional and personal ambitions
  • Work with leaders to articulate the future direction of the company in a strategic narrative that resonates with a diverse employee base
  • Seek to spread awareness and ownership of a company direction beyond the leadership team, through employee workshops and events that encourage employee participation and accountability
  • Involve other professionals in expert areas such as leadership development, personal presence and inter-cultural communications that will enhance the communications competencies and performance of senior teams.