Transport for London

Advocates videos

We have worked with Transport for London to provide strategic consultancy and communication deliverables to achieve their ‘Digital Communications Vision’. Working across video, infographics and Yammer, we helped TfL achieve a truly connected culture through a new digital infrastructure, new channels, new mindsets and additional timelines and roadmaps.

Our brief was to create a video which promoted TfL’s new approach to developing technology. The ‘Advocates Programme’ puts employees in the driving seat. End-users from all over the organisation come together to discuss, test and learn about new tools which can help them with their day-to-day responsibilities. The programme empowers them by giving them a voice, and their feedback plays a critical role in shaping any technological change which would affect their part of the organisation.

We attended a number of Advocate Group meetings, recorded footage of them working together and interviewed individual advocates to gain their perspective on the programme. We then collaborated with the heads of Employee Communications and Engagement to ensure that the staff engagement element was consistent and prominent throughout the video.


Transport for London