Neopost: neo&me

We created an office and field-based campaign designed to increase survey response rates. Our campaign was themed around superpowers, and how these powers were linked to behaviours that had been communicated to Neopost employees as key to delivering the company’s strategic goals.

A week before the survey opened, the campaign launched with office posters and a deskdrop, plus a mailout to field-based service and sales people. The deskdrop and mailout included a quiz to identify each employee’s ‘superpower’. To keep the campaign uppermost in employees’ minds, postcards featuring each of the superpowers were then distributed in the office and in the field. Two voicemails from the CEO were also sent to field-based employees, a personal touch that added value and reminded them about the survey.

We were delighted to achieve a record response rate of 90%, and we look forward to working with Neopost on their next employee engagement survey.