Celesio: Believe

Celesio is a leading provider of integrated healthcare services to the NHS and also owns LloydsPharmacy, which has more than 1,600 pharmacies around the UK.

They decided to take a fresh approach to their existing employee magazine. Our challenge was to create a magazine that touched each and every employee, that added value, and that wouldn’t sit on desks gathering dust. A magazine that employees would devour cover to cover, and then wait impatiently for the next issue.

We held several great brainstorming sessions with the editorial team at Celesio. It was agreed that the magazine’s strapline should be ‘about you, for you, by you’ – in other words, it needed to be all about people, their spirit and passion, and their activities at work and outside it. Being a business that’s all about people, we really liked this!

We designed a magazine of clarity and simplicity, where content is king. Focused around ‘hero’ images and articles about individual employees, Believe has a strong and simple visual identity that delivers consistency of tone, so readers can focus more on the content. The design is dynamic, light-hearted and packed full of surprises to keep readers engaged, entertained and keen to look at all of the magazine, not just one or two sections. We used bold shapes, graphics and a ‘free-flowing’ design approach to create a visually striking but always clear and accessible layout.

The magazine has proved so successful that Celesio is now extending the scope of our involvement to create an online Believe site.