Humans process visual information much more quickly than the written word. So when you consider the sheer amount of words and data fighting for our attention it makes sense to harness the power of the visual in our communications. This workshop will show you how to use infographics and data visualisation in your organisation to present detailed and complex information in an engaging and memorable way. A picture really can be worth a thousand words and can have great impact on business communications.




Through a mixture of interactive activities and an engaging presentation from our in-house expert you will unlock the power of infographics. Observing insider knowledge you’ll learn how to produce memorable content that can be shared across the whole organisation.

Topics outlined below can be tailored to suit your current projects or communication strategies:

  • The theory behind infographics and early adopters
  • What sort of information can be shared?
  • How to approach infographic development including:
    • Chapters
    • Storytelling
    • Common threads
  • How to make the most out of your infographics
  • Risks associated with infographics

“theblueballroom provided an open format session that not only inspired us to communicate in a way that will engage our target group more effectively, but they also helped us to start the design of our own infographic visualising our Learning Strategy.” 

Head of Global Learning at E.ON


Professionals working across internal communications, marketing and HR departments within all industry sectors.

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