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First Great Western. An engagement campaign 

Sometimes great ideas never see the light of day. As an agency we are still proud of the creative concepts we provide in pitches, even when they’re not successful. 

Train operating company First Great Western invited theblueballroom to pitch to engage their large workforce around their extensive plans to bring their railway into a whole new era. theblueballroom’s proposal was for an immersive campaign which resonated with both hearts and minds.


We created a strategic narrative along the campaign theme ‘we’re making history’ to stir employees’ pride and passion. Our creative concept used a limited colour palette and high contrast, bold and dynamic photography with raw, emphatic and inspirational typography.

The campaign would span a management conference, teaser and all-employee roll outs, and channels would range from posters, leaflets, environment branding, video, a SharePoint intranet hub, and a dedicated roadshow van to reach all employees. A dedicated web app would be used to celebrate the company: from its inception with Brunel up to its present-day heroes in an awards series.

Through cutting-edge use of augmented reality, the campaign would showcase how future trains and stations would look. When a device was held over a trigger image a model train would appear in 3D: mobile and tablet users could interact with it, spinning it around 360 degrees and even opening it up to explore inside.  The AR app – which was built as a prototype in only two days – would be used for both employees and passengers, offering them a glimpse of the future, bringing characters to life, showcasing product launches in a uniquely interactive experience.