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DHL Vision On. Communicating a new company vision.

DHL Supply Chain needed to launch a business vision to 146,000 employees in 60 countries. The campaign’s goals were to ensure: every employee understood the vision and its purpose; and could relate the strategy to their everyday work. Results show that the roll-out of global roadshows, videos and interactive presentations have successfully excited and informed all employees.

We achieved these goals by communicating the Vision at a series of roadshows. ‘Vision On’, was a dynamic slide deck which started with a 90s sting video to create excitement. The slides and a further two videos then took the employees through the division's strategy and purpose. The slides were supported by interactive sessions designed to be tailored to audience type and numbers. Called ‘Light On / Vision On’, these sessions enabled delegates to work together to understand how they could contribute to achieving the Vision. Employees received branded roadshow invitations; in-room branding during the events included exhibition banners and posters and speakers were supported with speaker notes and tutorial videos. Follow up measures consisted of Strategy posters, feedback forms and thank you notes across 30 languages.


Our success was measured by board member endorsement of the Vision and roadshow feedback. The highest scores (100%) were for delegates ‘feeling inspired to actively contribute to the Vision’ and ‘enjoyed the event’; the lowest (84%) were for ‘feeling well informed about the Vision and future direction’ to name a few.