Crisis PR planning

When it comes to protecting your reputation in a crisis, experience shows it’s not so much about what happens, but how you manage the media storm that breaks when everyone finds out.  All organisations need an effective crisis communications plan, and this course will help PR teams and other professionals understand what the media really wants at times like this, how to ensure your plan is fit for purpose, and the potential cost of getting it wrong. 


What will you learn?

Delivered by two experts in their fields: a seasoned PR professional with both client and agency experience, and a journalist and leader writer on Britain’s biggest-selling daily newspaper, this course gets straight to the heart of how to communicate in a crisis.  

Real-life examples: the ‘how-to’ and the ‘how-not-to’

We’ve all woken up to headlines that made us think ‘I’m so glad I’m not their PR person!’  But what would you have done differently?  Using case studies of recent high-profile corporate crises, we’ll look at:

  • how the story broke in the media
  • how the crisis was communicated by the organisation
  • how the story developed
  • the consequences for the company and the brand


Using the case studies as our starting point, we’ll get round the table and talk about how the media approaches a crisis, what – if anything – the organisations concerned did wrong and what they could have done better.


We’ll talk you through the essential basics that underpin a robust crisis PR plan – including the disruptive but inescapable influence of social media.  This element of the course will help you move from concern to confidence, whether you already have a plan in place and want to ensure it’s fit for purpose, or you’re starting from a blank sheet.


We’ll help you feel more prepared for a crisis by:

  • creating a robust crisis communications plan
  • understanding the media’s approach when a crisis breaks
  • knowing how to work with the media for the best results
  • embracing the disruption of digital and making it work for you


Communications, PR, HR and marketing managers with responsibility for managing brand, corporate or internal communications; senior executives and spokespeople who need to communicate key messages to external and internal audiences, including the media.


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