PEOPLE: Changing mindsets 


We enable employees to adopt new processes in order to work collaboratively via multiple channels and devices. By working closely with you and your employees we demonstrate just how simple technology can be, helping you to remove barriers to change. We bridge the gap between social media and working connectivity and activity.



  • Implement an effective engagement plan
  • Drive a campaign led adoption programme 
  • Encourage leadership by example 
  • Create an ambassador programme
  • Activate plans for non-users
  • Report and promote advocate case studies


  • Motivated people
  • Sharing of information and values
  • New ways of working
  • Collective intelligence
  • Digitally connected workforce
  • Willingness to engage
  • Tangible success
  • Innovative thinking
  • Social interaction at work

We're helping Transport for London through a series of projects, designed to engage employees and empower them on their journey to a Connected Culture. Click here to read the case study.