Apart from the fact that music is, for me, one of the most important things in my life - it really gets me going in the morning. The music I play in the car en route to work definitely sets a tone for my day. Some mornings it's Classical FM, some mornings I like a bit of cheese on Magic, recently it's been the Les Mis soundtrack (picture me, blasting out 'Do you hear the people sing' at 8.30 in the morning...) and my favourite at the moment is Jessie Ware's album 'Devotion'. This morning I bopped all the way into, around and out of Co-Op, in the car, and into work listening to 'If you're never gonna move' (also known as '110%'). The beat just makes you want to move! It also means my colleagues know I'm coming a mile off...

What's your morning song?

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