It's time to bid a temporary farewell to Em who is off to Germany for new adventures (but back in four little tiny -they'll go so fast- months) and what better way to do it than on Valentine's day, and in a We Love! Emma's off to support one of our lovely clients on a four month secondment. (Get in touch if you ever need something like this to help you push a project forward.) She hasn't yet found a place to stay, despite being off on Saturday morning. But she's as unfazed as ever and her lack of flap will stand her in good stead for the months ahead.

Emma, we love you - and will miss you ever so much. We'll miss your amazing Account management skills, your bright nail varnish, your cracker lunches, your organisation and your FUN-ness (is that a word?). We can't wait to welcome you back (with a summer soiree perhaps?) very soon.

Sophie says don't bother coming back until you've tried all of the following German delicacies;

Schweinebraten Goulasch Kassler mit Sauerkraut Wiener Schnitzel Erbsensuppe Kochfisch mit Senfsauce Bratfisch mit Kartoffelsalat Rouladen Leipziger Allerlei Kartoffelsuppe

(forget the puddings, it's all about the savoury...)

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