Last weekend I went to the NT Shed to see Mission Drift, ‘an epic journey west through time and space in pursuit of the soul of American capitalism’. Sounds intense… and it was. Without a doubt the show lived up to its excellent reviews, and this was really brought home to me nearly a week after witnessing it. Sharing a drink with my boyfriend last night we started talking about the American dream, economics and the contrast between myth and reality – for me, discussing these topics over a pint was a novelty to say the least! Although there were certain elements in the production that I didn’t understand, or have prior knowledge of, the emotion that the actors exposed was enough to draw me in to the story. The sometimes garish, sometimes melancholic performance was complemented perfectly by some achingly soulful live music. The fact that it’s inspired me to learn and think about things long after I’ve left the auditorium reminds me of the power that emotion, passion and of course, good music can have… Love it! Image source.