I've really been enjoying The Choir on BBC Two, not least to marvel at Gareth Malone's line in bow ties. This week, as well as sporting an interesting look of winter woolly scarf AND bow tie, Gareth entertained us as he went about getting to know the delights of sewage, and I'm not talking about the workforce at Severn Trent! Those who were singing while they worked this week were all employees of this water giant, and even the Head of Clean Water (is there one for dirty?) joined in. Every week, what strikes me about this series is how much the employees talk about what the choir does for their enjoyment at work. I'm bound to notice this more than some I guess, working here at theblueballroom, but it is so powerful, so uplifting to witness that I am evangelising all over the place about the virtues of workplace choirs, quoting the one about the airport over and over: 'Well, he's land side, and I'm air side, and we wouldn't have met if it wasn't for the choir'. Why does that matter? Well, let's face it, we're all in it together, so it doesn't half help if it feels that way. Bring on the semi-finals!