I have very carefully selected the word 'sunshine' so that when I write this post I'm not fibbing to you. What's the summer version of Bah Humbug? Because I'm that. I am currently despising the summer, with its lawn mowers shooting up grass and bright, breezy days floating pollen through the air - nope, I'm not a fan. The hayfever has hit an all-time high this year and I haven't tasted anything properly for weeks and weeks (and if you know me, you'll know how upsetting this is), let alone breathed in through my nose without the sound of an out of tune trumpet carrying across the room. But sunshine? ... Yes, I love sunshine. It's a beautiful time to be working in sunshiny Surrey - the blue skies and lush greenery illuminated by the sun's glorious rays almost take away the hayfever pain. Almost, but not quite. And with a sunny team like mine, there's sunshine inside and outside the office!