So the UK has been recently hit by snow, and rather than seeing it as a beautiful thing it's normally reported as being a nuisance. When snow falls in other countries, does it meet the same response? Probably not in the Alps, a favoured escape for several of us here. That's right, we love snow, skiing and snow-shoeing (for those who fancy the mountains at an easier pace, this is a beautiful way to enjoy the views and surroundings). The mountains are a great escape from communications that's for sure - and we all do need to escape from time to time.

I myself talk about skiing far too much, having lived in France for 6 months not too long ago I find it very hard to get through the year without several ski trips planned and have just got back from my first of this winter season. I know that Sophie is off on her first ski adventure this year, and Kate has one planned too - I'm sure Sheila will get in a trip? Vanessa escaped to the mountains at Christmas time so all that remains to be said is:

We love snow.

Except when it causes our car park to be a hazardous ice rink.