It is hard to believe that we have only known Rebecca Pain as our colleague at theblueballroom for just four years. Rebecca joined the PR team as a freelancer to cover my first maternity leave, but became such a valued part of the team during those first few months that we couldn't let her go! Rebecca is a real professional and truly multi-talented. Not only is she experienced in PR, Digital and Business development, she is also a mum, cat owner and in her spare time she's an Artist and a Dancer (many a tale of evenings in leg-warmers have been shared!). But that's not all - she is amazing fun and a real friend you can count on.

It is with regret that we are saying Au Revoir (never goodbye!) to Rebecca today, but theblueballroom team wish her and her family well with their new ventures.

So before some cake - and of course drinks - to send her off in style, here are just some of the things We Love about Rebecca Pain!

Infectious (in a good way!), Lively, Energetic, Inspiring...'Marv!'