There are times in your career - usually quite early on - when you go on holiday without a care in the world and then some disaster will occur as a result of your own failings and you will return to face the fall-out. Some years later, with a greater sense of responsibility perhaps, and an accompanying over-inflated ego, you go away knowing there will be the inevitable moments by the pool or (worse) on the piste when you are THE ONLY person who will be able to answer that URGENT client question. And then there is now, when you have such a great team with all the talent and a huge amount of common sense, that you are able to go away and relax, without worrying or wishing for the urgent call, and even better, you get that precious time to think. Eventually, you arrive at the time when you really quite miss them all and you call in just to discuss what you have had the head space to think about. I love thinking in beautiful, hot places. Thanks to my team for giving me the time.