Grace is an aspirational term - to me grace means looking amazing whilst projecting a sense of calm and authority. And, that's exactly what the lovely Grace Park is and does every day. Grace has been at theblueballroom for four years. She was one of the founding members of our digital PR team, has been an outstanding project manager on internal communications campaigns, run our DigitalSurrey community and most recently helped theblueballroom reach and present to some of the most amazing household brand names via her new business activities. Today we're celebrating Grace's last day within our team as she heads for pastures new. We know she will be amazing in her new role as she has been in everything she has done at theblueballroom. However, the entire team here will miss her wisdom and humour in equal measures.

We look forward to seeing Grace at future events and of course will keep in very close contact. In the meantime, we'll celebrate gracefully with cake and sunshine!