Today, LinkedIn tells me I have been with theblueballroom for four years. I think the date is slightly wrong, but nonetheless, it is four years. I’m surprised, convinced it has been actually five, for all the very best reasons.

The last few years have flown by. It’s been a complete and utter blast and I have loved (almost) every minute of it. From the early days as an account director, coming in to lead on a spanking new account (who can’t be named, but is a wonderful well known sports and fashion brand), to learning the complex world of our yellow and red branded founding client, I’ve learnt so much.

Having a wonderful mentor in Sheila Parry, founder and CEO of theblueballroom, has been a huge help, not only professionally, but personally too. Having a great breadth of clients to work with has also been amazing; from well-known household brands, to lesser known charities, the variety of work is immense. One minute I find myself deep in a PowerPoint, writing key messages for the cascade of a new strategy or product, the next minute I’m delivering a workshop on culture or vision.

It’s funny looking back at how it all began. I didn’t really enjoy school, was the opposite of academic, loathed exams, studied journalism at university and fell into recruitment advertising which in turn became internal comms as media shifted to digital and ad agencies had to diversify. I had one job I especially loved, working for a company called People Media, helping grow the business from pretty much a start-up to a multi-million pound company. That was fun. But none has been quite as fun, challenging, crazy or brilliant as the last four years at theblueballroom. Why? In part because of the fab team we have, but also because of the breadth of work we do and the number of plates I have to keep spinning at any one time. I completely and utterly love what I do, even when I am far from home, missing my family, tired from early mornings and late nights, I wouldn’t change it.

I wish I could bottle up and share with every disenchanted employee out there how I feel about work. But some things that contribute to how I feel are that I know where I am going and what I want to do with theblueballroom. I know I have the trust of my boss and feel empowered to make decisions without always consulting. I do something different nearly every day. Despite working long hours, I get to tuck my girls up in bed most nights and eat supper at the kitchen table with my husband, before continuing work in the evening. It works for me and I am lucky. I want to help more people feel as I do and am so very glad that I am working for an agency that can do just that.

Roll on the next four years, but just not too fast…..