It's a double edged sword leaving a great place to work. No matter how exciting the next challenge, or your need to take it on, it's great to feel there is a bunch of friends back where you came from. This of course makes it very hard to go. The lovely people at theblueballroom don't just 'get' good communications and know how to deliver a friendly, professional, collaborative service for clients, they epitomise what it is to be a team. Yes we have our ups and downs (mainly due to the stairs dividing us), but everyone here listens, helps, does what they can. It's an attitude I've loved being around, I've learned so much from the experienced and clever people that will equip me well for the next stage in my career, and theblueballroom's newest recruits will soon discover they've joined somewhere special. Most of all, though, I've made some amazing friends. So thank you for that, theblueballroom team, because - as I say everyday at work - that's marv.

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