theblueballroom has been lucky enough to have the lovely Ellie Downes with us on a Summer internship. Over the last few weeks Ellie has helped pretty much every member of the team. Ellie has shown intelligence, hard work, dedication and humour. Every job has been met with a smile and we have been completely impressed with how quickly and effectively she has achieved everything that she has encountered. We love having Ellie with us and wish her well with her future studies. Here's an overview from the lady herself about her time at theblueballroom!

Ellie Downes - intern

 An internship at theblueballroom

Before starting my internship, I didn’t really know what to expect and certainly didn’t anticipate the copious amount of delicious cakes (courtesy of Hannah). However, that hasn’t been the only upside to working at theblueballroom, I’ve also learned a lot, from researching the world of Internal Communications to the mammoth task of auditing our IT for an upcoming review.

My main aim with an internship was to gain some guidance to help me know what to do after finishing university - as I didn’t have a clue what skills from my degree were transferable to the real world. Working at theblueballroom has definitely given me a taste of different options, and has given me a good insight into the vast range of jobs there are. I have also really valued experiencing the 9-5 routine properly (it was quite a jump from the early start of 11AM at university and  roughly 17 hours of lectures/seminars per week)!

It’s been great to work with such a friendly group of people, and I felt really welcome here. In comparison to my friend’s experiences of internships, I’ve really lucked out here, so thank you, and perhaps after my degree I can pop in again!