Because it's Friday, and because it's the last Friday in August - I'm blogging about cows on We Love today. A little known fact about me - I love cows. Always have. Can't explain why, I just do. Driving through the countryside is quite dangerous for me because I get distracted when I see those little black and white dots on the hillside - or even better, up close to the fence so I can see them properly. One day I was driving back down south from university in Lancaster when a farmer was herding his cows from one field to another via a bridge over the M6. I nearly died with excitement.

So when my boyfriend bought me a trip to Switzerland to go cow trekking (yes, that's riding on a cow) you can imagine I was more than a little bit excited. Last week, we finally got around to taking this trip. It was pretty darn good. My cow was called Umbra, and she was a darling. All the other cows kept trying to eat the grass while we were riding (and who can blame them, they're COWS), but Umbra was as good as gold - and I beamed with pride when the farmer told me that she must like me. After a couple of hours ambling through the Swiss countryside (stopping in the Rhine for a drink) we made our way back to the farm and learnt how to make cheese (which, if you know me at all, you'll know is my other passion in life) - so all in all it was pretty much the perfect day.

If you ever fancy following suit and trying out the bovine saddle, I'd certainly recommend it.  Here are a few pictures to brighten up the last couple of hours of your working week...

cows 1

cows 2

cows 3

cows 4