When there's a birthday in the office, we always take a time-out for around 15 minutes to wish our fellow colleague a happy birthday and have a good natter over a cup of tea and a bit of the scrumptious homemade cakes that one of the team conjures up. It might be elevenses, or it may be afternoon tea but either way - it's a good ol' stop the office moment. Our quick break from the workload and computer screens is definitely one of our favoured team moments. Birthdays in the office mean a few things happen:

  • Those with a birthday don't feel so bad working on their birthday, assisted by cake
  • Everyone gets to eat a good homemade cake - and oh, we like cake here
  • Once we're full of cake and have caught up on the latest gossip among our team, we head back to work more energised (or full of cake), more relaxed (or full of cake) and a more engaged team.

Maybe this should have been titled "we love cake". Today is Hannah's birthday, and Gill baked a lovely parsnip and maple syrup cake!