...but not sticky enough. Attempting to make some Christmas presents rather than buying them all, I had my first dalliance with marmalade-making this weekend (as you do), in this case pink grapefruit and lemon, recipe from this Avoca book. It tasted lovely but it just wouldn't set. I consulted two very foodie neighbours last night on how to remedy my marmalade. They used to run a very nice restaurant in Manchester and as it happened they used to do an orange marmalade ice cream dessert. They had so much advice for me that in fact I asked if they also did advice on mortgages and relationships.

They advised to try boiling it up again with some jam sugar, which contains pectin, and it worked. (Might also try this with my mortgage and my relationship). What was also useful was finding out from them where I went wrong (didn't squeeze the muslin containing the pips and pith hard enough to get sufficient pectin out, didn't boil it rapidly enough once the sugar was in).

I am now the proud maker of eight jars of non-runny marmalade :-) One jar is destined for Susu and Peter across the road and besides that, that’s seven Christmas presents for my (lucky?) family taken care of!

PS If you've ever wondered how much sugar there is in marmalade... don't!

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