When our lovely HR manager recently gave me a pack of sunflower seeds for my children, I was really excited. I realised that my sons were probably now old enough to enjoy planting and caring for seeds and watching the flowers grow. The concept of getting bigger and bigger plays an important part in my three year old's life as he learns that his younger sibling will be wearing the clothes that are now too small for him, he no longer needs to be carried everywhere, but that he is now big enough to help with big boy things. There is a slight concern that he'll grow too big for our house, but we'll keep talking on that one!

Having worked in agency communications for over 20 years, I've heard many companies saying they are going through 'growing pains' - the point where an entrepreneur realises they alone are not 'it', that they now run a company with premises, employees and external stakeholders. This requires a shift change and potentially a tweak in how the company culture is communicated and shared.

Whilst it is tough, it's an exciting time for a company. To see an idea or something an individual has been working on alone really come to life and impact multiple people inside and outside an organisation is amazing.

Whatever you're helping to grow, communications plays a very key role - ensuring everyone involved understands the impact, responsibilities and opportunities that this creates.

My main advice though is to take a minute and take in the beauty of what you've brought to life!