The whole ethos of thefuturestory is to explore and debate significant and relevant topics that impact the business landscape and to build our understanding of wider economic and socio-political trends that set the context for what we are charged to do, as communicators and HR professionals. Our discussions have ranged from technology and democratisation, open and big data to social business and social media. All topics that are high on our “must know” or “must find out about” lists and all highly pertinent to communications, the media, and how people are expected to behave at work.


At thefuturestory - the Power of One at RADA Studios on the 15th of October, we applied that same level of intelligent inquiry to looking at the world from the eyes of the employee. Why? Because, for all the trends and influences in the context of our work, it is still up to the individual, up to each one of us to work out how to respond to all those trends and to decide what to do and how to behave. Creating environments where employees can demonstrate positivity, energy, confidence and influence is an ambitious goal I would say I share with all theblueballroom's clients.

Stemming from similar research approaches and robust studies, Doctors Rob Yeung and Rens Ter Weijte, and Rens’ UK partner Colin Mills gave our clients and colleagues a brief glimpse into two very important aspects of behaviour that contribute to and are present in that positive environment: happiness and influence. And in two dynamic and interactive sessions, they shared theory and techniques that would help release the Power of One both for ourselves and for the organisations we are engaged with. In another taster session, personal coach and trainer, Christine Mockford provided some observations and practical advice that helps individuals develop confidence in speaking in public and finding our authentic voice.


Following the event, some of our guests have shared the effects that a little more awareness of positive behaviours have had on their relationships at home and at work. A few small demonstrations of appreciation have made a big impact - we all like to be recognised for what we do, but how often do we really feel appreciated? thefuturestory is about thinking differently, and maybe acting differently too. I would like to send a shout out to one of our guests, Jack Winters, for handing a thank you note to me and theblueballroom team, for a stimulating and productive session.


As communicators in business, everything we do, from the CEO speeches to intranet updates, from the recruitment ad to the performance review - I would argue - has an impact on the behaviour of someone who matters within our organisations. Probably hundreds of people - and all our efforts, good or bad, actually prove, every day, the Power of One. Most of us would agree that to understand what is going on in business, we need to delve into the context of the economy. And with this event we tried to show that to meet the responsibility of trying to change behaviour, we will also benefit from greater understanding of behavioural psychology.

We can only ever share a little learning in a half day session, and some people say that a little learning is a dangerous thing. I think differently: a little learning at thefuturestory is going to feed the appetite to find out more. Thanks to our guests and presenters as always, and please share your thoughts on thefuturestory with us.