Data can be hugely valuable, providing an insight into customer behaviour, consumer trends and employee opinion. When efficiently cleansed, crunched and analysed it can give organisations direction and help them tell the stories they want to tell. In today’s world, however, we are becoming increasingly aware that giving up too much data can mean giving away too many of our personal stories.

But yet on many, many occasions we do still give up our data: from email addresses and passwords, to date of birth and address, to shopping preferences and annual income bracket. When do we do this? When we judge that doing so will bring us enough benefit to make it worthwhile, and when we trust the organisation we’re giving it to.

It can be hard work to gain trust. In our workshop at thefuturestory event, angel investor and entrepreneur, Julian Ranger and Director at GeoLytix, Blair Freebarin,  facilitated a discussion about how organisations can help ensure they are perceived as trustworthy.

The consensus was that alongside acting appropriately with any data they do have, organisations should also crucially remain focused on doing their ‘day job’ well – whether it is selling milk or bringing electricity into your home. This will enhance their brand and reputation, and lead to them being perceived as trustworthy, and the sort of organisation to which you're happy to relinquish your personal data.

It all comes back to having a strong company story: of who they are, of what they do, of where they are going, and of what they are like to work for. If you need help to write or share your story, maybe some of our work will inspire you.