Whether we’re itching to mix things up or not, change can be a worrying prospect.

Am I truly ready? What if it doesn’t go to plan? Can I really do this? – These thoughts are inevitably going to crop up, uninvited, at some point during a change process.

But what makes experiencing change and battling these thoughts of self-doubt and fear manageable is the support you receive.  If, during a process of change, you have a team to encourage and guide you effectively, a team who is willing to be involved in that change - then it really isn’t as scary as we expect.

a problem shared is a problem halved
— English Proverb

I’m relieved to say I have found this to be the case with my first week at theblueballroom.

Recipe for my first day:

1 part sad (having only left my previous job the day before)
2 parts excited
2 parts shaking in my brown suede boots (thank you, previous employers!)
A dash of go-get-‘em attitude

  • Mix this with being thrown into the proverbial ‘deep end’.
  • Finally, place into theblueballroom’s ‘thefuturestory’ event to sweat, and you have one terrified new starter.

Yep, it’s safe to say I was nervous. Attend a conference? On my first day? Utter madness! … Or so I thought.

But in fact, by the end of the journey up to London, I was raring to go. Seeing how organised the team were that morning gave me confidence and showed me I was entering a team full of people that so clearly know and love what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with and for. After a general chat on the way to London I was beginning to feel pretty good. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever had anything to be nervous about.

Upon arrival at RADA the organisation of the team shone again – everyone played a part and, most importantly, they were all willing to help each other (and me). It’s hard to feel lost and confused when everyone is so on the ball and involved. Never once was I left unsure of what I needed to be doing and by the time our first speaker finished I was so mesmerised, so engaged and so so ready for my new role that actually, I could barely remember I’d ever been nervous to begin with.

Since that day I have been eased into my role with understanding, willingness to help and a general friendly attitude that’s made my transition less ‘scary’ and more ‘inspiring’.

Recipe for the end of my first week:

1 part sad (hey, it’s only been a week…)
3 parts excited
1 drop of information overload
A dash of nervousness
2 parts motivated
A dash of can-do-attitude

  • Mix in the confidence of the team in my abilities and prove using a strong network of support and trust.

You now have one, slightly less nervous, enthusiastic employee who is loving every second.