It’s been a while since our last ‘Minutes with…’ and, with the introduction of the newest member of our team also comes the passing of the torch for introducing them. I hope I live up to Sophie’s brilliance.

Someone who is certainly proving their brilliance though is our new Graphic Designer, Stephen ‘Steve’ Robinson, who has been with us for almost a month now.  

A bit about yourself...
I studied Computer Games Technology at Portsmouth University, which specialised in 3D graphics in 2009. I have over 3 years’ experience in the graphic design industry, and in my spare time I play five-aside football, I have been a QPR supporter for many years where I have seen promotions (and relegations of course!)

What is your favourite thing about being a graphic designer, particularly agency side?
I am a very visual person who loves creating new ideas/concepts, and making those ideas come to life. It is also nice when you see your work displayed for everyone to see through print or on screen when it has finally been completed.

What has been the best project you’ve worked on so far in your graphic designer life? A great, high profile project was when I designed a simple Huawei banner that sat in the background when they unveiled Huawei as new sponsors for Arsenal.

What would be a ‘what not to do’ as a graphic designer?
Avoid using more than one alignment, your document should be in some way aligned with other things on the page, either vertically or horizontally.

Give me your three tips on being the brilliant graphic designer that you are.

  1. Always take feedback well and look to learn from constructive criticism.
  2. Have a keen eye for detail and the basics of design.
  3. Be willing to try/experiment with new designs.