Let’s face it, yesterday was a pretty miserable day with rain and thunderstorms galore. However, there was definitely something that brightened up my day – my iPhone was finally ready to update to iOS 10.

Now, usually, Apple updates do little to thrill me and usually involve some small change that either goes unnoticed to my untrained eye or just feels unnecessary (I’m sure it’s huge to the people at Apple, so no disrespect). But, yesterday’s update revealed the new use of message effects and Digital Touch (neither of which I entirely understand the real use application for, but it’s fun nonetheless). However iOS 10 also came with another new feature, GIFs.

credit to GIPHY

credit to GIPHY

Now that was something I could – and did – get on board with. I immediately spent the whole evening messaging my family group, Family McFam Face (shout out to my brother for the creative naming).

But, asides from the fun applications, it’s also showing that Apple aren’t done yet. With complaints for years over their pointless updates, and rumours that the company are losing their competitive edge this was a small, but very clever and creative addition to messaging.

Whether it’s novelty will wear off I don’t know, but I can say that several times I have spent ages googling to find the right GIF and attempting to send it in a message, for it to freeze or not be received by it’s recipient, so the new GIF feature is great for preventing these issues. Plus, the use of GIFs has been steadily rising over the years, so it’s a smart move of Apple. Whilst Android has had the capability for a while it’s been riddled with bugs and largely only available through installing an additional app, so it’s one small step away from their competitor.

It may not be breaking news, it may not be saving lives, it also may not be perfectly deployed, however I think it’s a small step to show that Apple are still thinking trends and trying to improve their customer experience, and doing that through GIFs is something I can definitely condone. And hey, it made me smile on a very miserable day, so that’s a win in my book.

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