Spare a thought for the women cocoa farmers of Ghana.

Having helped on their husband's cocoa farm all morning - work that is extremely physically demanding - they then walk miles to their own smallholding, where they begin all over again. They also do all the cooking, cleaning and childcare. They rise at 3 am every morning.

Published during Fairtrade Fortnight, this article in the Guardian on this study by my friends Elizabeth Fortin and Roy Maconachie, shows that while fairtrade can be a great way of empowering farm workers, in practice these women fall outside its remit and don't benefit from its support.

At theblueballroom we are concerned with the world of work: how to make work a better place, how to engage employees, how to give employees a voice. These women work incredibly hard, for little or no money.

This film at least gives them a voice. I found it very humbling to compare my world of work to theirs, and be thankful for what I have.

Image credit: Roy Maconachie, Elizabeth Fortin/University of Bath