With this morning’s election result many have been dismayed and it has further impacted the fear that 2016 may be one of the worst years for a while. Understandly, this has been causing a less than happy atmosphere across many offices, and in some, heated debate.

So, to prove there have been highlights, here are 10 good or smile worthy news stories from 2016 (so far) to help brighten your day.

  1. The world’s best dad that made sure his daughter could still trick-or-treat, despite being on a long-haul flight
  2. Zoo live streams animals to ease election day ‘panda-monium’
  3. This pigs maternity photo shoot
  4. Tesco announce ‘mulled wine’ toilet roll for Christmas
  5. A housing estate that looks like the millennium falcon
  6. This love story about two snails
  7.  Dad and daughter bring joy to Oxford Circus
  8. The first fiver campaign
  9. Girl uses google translate to befriend new student
  10. Study finds chocolate is good for your brain

And if this hasn’t brightened your mood, here’s a picture of two unlikely friends, to prove that in the end, none of us are really that different.

photo credit: awesomelycute.com

photo credit: awesomelycute.com