We are abuzz with excitement at theblueballroom!

Next week is the next installment in #thefuturestory series. Hear how fostering pride in the workplace has helped employee engagement in organisations as diverse as DHL, National Grid, Siemens, BAA and Heathrow Airport. Tickets are free and we would love you to join us next Tuesday, 17th May from 2-6 in London.

Also, back by popular demand is our storytelling workshop. Taking place at our Farnham offices on 25th May, this is your chance to learn how to weave messages into stories that resonate.

And in other news, our newest recruits are some bees who have taken residence outside our offices. We have mortar bees, leaf cutter bees and masonry bees. They are varieties of single females who live on their own with their baby bee, rather than forming a swarm. Clever enough to observe each other's behaviour, these mums spot when others have found a nice place to live and follow their lead. If we are lucky, we may find they are joined by bumble bees in about a month. With bees very much endangered, we are delighted they have joined us. (But don't worry: they stay outside and don't sting!)


Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net, Stuart Miles