Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) has been around for decades. Officially beginning back in 1990, it wasn’t until 2001 that many saw the real value of SEO. However, 15 years on and this value is doubted by some, refuted by others and the rest have merely given up.

But should this be the case? Personally, I don’t believe so.

It seems SEO has become misunderstood. The forgotten toy of the digital arena. When you first had it, it was exciting, intriguing, you couldn’t get enough of it. But as time wore on your interest wavered. Newer toys were coming out, making yours seem less shiny and perfect, you spent more time with  the newer toys, and so less time with the old one. As time with the old toy dwindled, you forgot about it more and more until suddenly no one was playing with it at all.

So, when you came back to it after a while, remembering that toy you used to be so fond of, it seems even more dilapidated and unappealing than you remember. You look back fondly on how you once thought it was top notch but figure that as time has gone on it’s now outdated. But really, time away from it has made it dusty, its quality diminishing as it has gone unattended to, until all that time you played with it becomes a distant memory to you both.

After that, you do a big clear out and decide that old toy is only taking up precious space. You decide it’s best just to throw it out, it wasn’t any good anyway. SEO is boxed up and sent away, but that nostalgic feeling remains – and one day you will look back and regret ever giving it up.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Many believe SEO is difficult, provides little value or costs a tonne, but this just isn’t the case. It takes some work, yes, but anything worth doing will take time and it really doesn’t have to cost much if you know what you’re doing. If you find it’s providing little value or appearing ineffective perhaps something isn’t quite right and you need a bit of extra guidance.

There are so many elements to SEO that are misunderstood or, for some, simply not understood at all, but it doesn’t have to be this way. SEO expert, Simon Schnieders, will be speaking at DigitalSurrey at GLive on Thursday 7th July about how SEO took property company, Zoopla, from zero to £1million in just seven years.

Simon said, “I’ll be freely exposing the SEO methodologies we use for current clients such as Time Inc., Simply Business and Wowcher to achieve top rankings in the search engines. Exactly the same consultative advisory that typically costs many thousands of pounds will be freely available on the day and I hope attendees take full advantage of the opportunity.”

So, if you’re looking to revamp your old and tired SEO practices, rejuvenate your knowledge, or perhaps are a beginner looking to find out what all this is about, then why not come along to DigitalSurrey, have a few drinks, some nibbles, meet like-minded people, and find out how SEO could transform your business.

For more information and to book your free ticket visit the DigitalSurrey Eventbrite page