We are excited to be working closely with Guildford Library’s Geek Week which includes an impressive line-up of digital events from the 12th – 20th March for both children and adults. From experimenting with Rasberry Pi and programmable lego to learning about moon exploration, space and gamification we are sure you will find something to suit your interests. Our next DigitalSurrey will be held on Tuesday 15th March as part of the “Geek Week” schedule and will be focused on the topic of gamification.

Expert speaker Toby Beresford from Rise Global will deconstruct the Nike+ case study to show us all how to use gamification to see the behaviour change we want, whether for ourselves, our staff or our customers. Gamification is a modern, digital take on the old fashioned loyalty or internal performance systems.

Nike has managed to create a true loyalty program among 28 million customers, who it doesn't need to 'bribe' with points and redemptions. Rise Global have imitated the Nike+ model allowing you to create your own social media channel to engage people and drive behaviour with scores, badges and leaderboards. Creating a 'Nike+' or 'Fitbit' for Work helps us focus on the right metrics to get better at our jobs. Register for your free DigitalSurrey ticket to learn how to apply successful gamification techniques to become better at your job, empower employees, or retain customers.

Only 5 days to go and 25 tickets remaining for March’s DigitalSurrey event on Tuesday 15th March from 6pm. To learn more and register for your free ticket click below.