Hello, I’m Ella and I’ve just spent a work-experience week at theblueballroom to pursue my interest in media and journalism. My project was to review and report on theblueballroom’s social media approach as someone younger and with a fresh eye from outside of the company.

Social media - it’s what everyone’s talking about nowadays. As a 17-year old, it’s a topic on my mind constantly: Have I posted today? Does that filter work? How many likes did I get on my recent post? But how would my personal experience be relevant to an internal communications agency?

 So I did the obvious. I got all the agency’s social media sites up and followed them through the links off its beautifully designed website. Twitter and LinkedIn have clear objectives and are active; they are used for professional and business-related topics, and came across as well established. However, I felt the agency’s positioning on Facebook and Instagram needs more clarity.

After doing my research, I presented what I thought could be done to help the agency’s social media activity make a single clear statement. In the course of a brainstorm, we identified our social media vision as ‘Great business to work with, great business to work for’ and our mission as ‘Take pride in every post’. 

Upping the calorie count at theblueballroom with my home made brownies!

Upping the calorie count at theblueballroom with my home made brownies!

As a result of my initial presentation, the brainstorm meeting, my follow-up report, and a second meeting, we identified what worked well and what improvements are needed to deliver social media that fully reflects both the agency’s professionalism and its personality.

It was really exciting to see what came from the two meetings and how the ideas we generated together will influence the agency’s social media positioning in future.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at theblueballroom and have learnt some really valuable things for when I finish my studies and start working full time. The top three are:

  1. When proposing an idea to a group of people, it’s important to take on board and reflect everyone’s opinion

  2. Time-management is key

  3. When in doubt, ask questions – what you learn is exciting!