I remember the first time I was asked to work on an organisational transformation programme. I must admit I feared for the employees. Did they think they needed to be transformed? Hadn’t they just survived a recession, held onto their market share, kept their nerve and their jobs? Against all odds. Didn’t they need a bit of time to regroup, a bit of TLC, before they were thrown into another cycle of emotional change?

I advised my client to tone it down. To talk about evolution, adaptation and flexibility; about how the operating conditions in their market had changed, how they needed to find new solutions to new challenges; about how they could take what was great from the old and inject that with new energy and ideas. We agreed that transformation could be less about hyperbole and more about a long game.

On 27-28 March this year, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) host their EuroComms 2017 Conference in London. The theme is TRANSFORMATION – Adapt – Evolve – Invent. I am delighted to be joining the speaker line-up for this event, to share a concept that has evolved as a result of my own transformation story. Called the PRIDE model, it provides a new and exciting framework for communicators in business to unite their leaders and employees to make their organisations outstanding.

Please join me at EuroComms 2017 and make it a truly memorable event. And when you register, use code EC17-FOS to get a discount on the conference fee.