When you’re writing, always remember that most important element – the headline. It’s the make or break element that decides whether your stuff is read or not.

Good headlines are short (around five words) and hard hitting. Every word has to punch its weight. Indeed just one can make all the difference.

Take, for example, a nothing story that yesterday ended high up a chart of the most popular content on the BBC News website.

It was about a portable loo being moved across a festival site by a forklift truck… while a woman was inside it. Moderately interesting, but hardly a must-read.

What pushed it up the ratings was a cheeky headline about being ‘teleported’ in a portaloo (interestingly, the archived story has a rather dull headline).

That one word, which had been plucked from a throwaway quote, was what made the story a big hitter.

So the next time you’re writing anything, give more thought to that all-important headline.

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