We have been rather busy with recruitment lately and are very excited to have two new people joining the team: Tom our Account Director, and Tracey, Accounts and Office Manager.  As a result of our new recruits I asked Becki our HR Manager, who oversees our recruitment process to answer a very important question:

What do we look for in a tbbr employee…?

“I know how important recruitment is to build the right team and am a strong believer that people are the heart of a company.  Once you get the people right everything else should fall in to place.

CVs can be misleading and don’t always tell you enough about the potential employee. Because of this the interview process is so important.  These are some of the top characteristics we would look for in a new employee:

  • Team fit – this really is important as we are a small team.  We want people who reflect our values and who compliment our existing culture.
  • Enthusiastic- we want people who really want the job! A big give away is someone who has done their research, they’ve looked at our website and know before they even get here what we do and how we do it.
  • Positive –will they flip a negative around to a positive? Do they have a can-do attitude?  Positivity within a team is so important.
  • Someone we can offer something back to- we want people here to grow and for their journey to be enjoyable rather than just a job.  This is why we encourage training in all team members and ask the question “where do you want to be in 3/5 years’ time?”.

THEN when we get all of this right we absolutely need to ensure they have the skills and experience to do the job!”