It is so important to look after your health, and taking a lunch break during your working day is an obvious way to help stay healthy.

Some new research, reported here, indicates that into the UK only a fifth of people take their full lunch break, saying that their workload prevents them from doing so. People also report that they do little exercise in their free time and that their employers do not encourage it.

I am very happy to report that theblueballroom encourages us to take a break and stay healthy. We had a wellbeing week recently, during which we had available plenty of fresh fruit, kept topping up our water glasses, and made a point of getting some fresh air at lunchtime. Our prize for the healthiest person of the week went to our designer, Gill, whose salads were not only mouthwatering but for the most part home grown.

I am just about to sign up for a 10k run, which I'm very much looking forward to, and I resolve to stay healthy and happy - while at work too!